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Types of Commodities

Solid cargoes (Cereals and all types of Agri-Commodities, Rice, Coffee and Cocoabeans, Sugar, Pulses and Beans, Oilseeds, Feedingstuffs, Fertilizers and other chemical products, Minerals and metals, Steel bars, rods, coils and billets, etc.),

Liquid cargoes (Vegetable Oils, Bio-carburants, Molasses, Alcohols, etc.),

Other foodstuffs (Fruit juices and Soft drinks, Flavours and their compounds), Vehicles and their parts, Machineries and Industrial equipments of any kind, Spare Parts, Cement, Pipes, Raw materials, Soaps and Cleaning materials, Home furnishing, Textiles, Fabrics and Clothings, Shoes, etc.

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